• Navigating Uncertain Times

    Tips and Tools to regain a sense of control over your life and career

    Leadership on the Edge of Chaos 

    Circumstances of great uncertainty and chaos can make us feel destabilized, anxious, and uneasy. We often struggle because we spend a lot of energy trying to figure out how to manage these emotions and stay calm and centered. Good news, we all have the ability to fortify ourselves against external circumstances by strengthening our own internal resources.

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    Support leaders, managers and teams generate sustainable performance and productivity improvements, while gaining satisfaction and meaning from their working lives.

    Support organizations build resilience during uncertain times.

    NeuroLeadership Coaching

    To upgrade your leadership skills by learning how to operate at the advanced regions of your brain. We can only reach our full potential by:

    -Understanding our brain
    -Managing brain emotions

    -Activating our peak mental potential
    -Increasing insights & enhancing creativity
    -Leading Self first, others will follow.

    Ontological Design

    To learn how to rebalance your habits, by connecting with the deeper parts of yourself. How you are observing determines what you see as problems, what you see as possibilities, and what you see as solutions. Reinvent your way of being!

    Evidence Based Coaching

    To support leaders, managers and teams generate sustainable performance and productivity improvements, while gaining satisfaction and meaning from their working lives.


    Online Training

    To upgrade your leaders for 2020 global challenges.

    In-Person Training & Workshops

    Customized content based on need!

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    First-hand stories of how authentic conscious leaders are catalysts for change and transformation


  • 'Coaching has been a wonderful experience for me. It was helpful to have Maria listen to my professional concerns and help me think through them. Because of coaching this half my work was more intentional and focused than ever before in my career. I now realize the importance of setting aside time to think about my career and plan rather than just completing work. This means that I’m more strategic rather than tactical. I’m proud of having set clear expectations with my management and delivered on them well.

    Most meaningful ‘aha’ moment was that sometimes I tend to think negatively and close myself off to potential opportunities rather than seeking them out. Maria’s guidance on this helped me push forward and ask for what I want.

    -AI Product Manager, Tech Company


    "We have been using Maria’s services since 2017 in a mix of live workshops, virtual training sessions and coaching. She was able to craft customized leadership training programs that helped our managers take on new leadership roles. She has trained and coached over 120 members, which has had a positive impact on our fast growing organization."

    - Synergen Health Leadership Team


    "While I had a small part of the puzzle, Maria knew where to place it so I could better understand the situation I was in. She always had a bigger picture that I was not able to see alone. She was like a dictionary for all my problems. With all the support and courage she gave me, I am now more confident and doubt less, when facing uncertainty and change."

    - Financial Analyst, IT Industry

    “I had the amazing opportunity to be introduced to Maria during our company Leadership Training program and have benefited immensely on the knowledge and help she imparted. She personally went out of her way to ensure she helps an individual with all aspects, especially with mastering being effective and motivated at work. Maria was able to provide me with multiple tools that helped me with managing my workload and also helping me mold to a better professional. She is incredibly helpful and is always encouraging. Being a great mentor, I always turned to her to speak about daily struggles a person would come across at work and always was a phone call or an email away. I am extremely grateful for how caring and amazing she has been when helping me out and I hope everyone gets the opportunity to work with her”

    – Assistant Manager, Financial Services

    “I contacted Maria about two years ago. I decided to change my job, and knew I needed help to negotiate my next contract. Maria outlined a whole negotiation strategy for me to use, and she helped me build my self-confidence. When I received the job offer, which was below my expectations, I was ready to enter the negotiation game. The employer was open to negotiation and Maria guided me on how to highlight all my strengths. Following Maria’s advice on negotiation, I almost doubled my salary! Without her help I would not have had the same results. It is always a pleasure talking to Maria… she always gives me good advice, which helps my career development.”

    – Manager, Travel Industry

    “Your Training Program & Coaching sessions really helped me in my Career Growth. It not only changed the way I was looking at things, but it also helped my team to go the next level. You had a Personal Touch with everyone in our Team. Thank you!

    – Assistant Manager, Financial Services

    “Maria is amazing at finding super helpful information and delivering it quickly. She is very perceptive and thoughtful. She can figure out the heart of a situation very quickly and address it by providing information that tackles and heals the issues in question. She is also supportive, super smart, well-informed and fun to talk with.”

    – Artist


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    Perceptive Insights

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    Onaugh is the Latin word for Unity

    What does the word “unity” mean to you? Here at Onaugh, our work is specifically designed to foster a sense of unity, collaboration, and empowerment within our community of leaders.


    The Onaugh Community

    A world of positive change makers


    The Onaugh Community is a growing collective of followers, who wish to become the best leader they could possibly be. Through our podcast, trainings, workshops, and ontological coaching, we help people master life’s most useful skills. By providing them with the necessary tools, skillsets, and mental expertise to handle any possible situation that may arise, we aim to build a community of leaders, ready to unite, lead purposely, and create the context for positive social change.


    Ontological Leadership is all about recognizing our ability and capacity to become fully human. It focuses on our way of being, which is a dynamic interrelationship between our language, our body, and our emotions. Our 'way of being' contains deep-seated perceptions and attitudes… it’s the underlying driver of our behavior and communication. As such, Ontological coaching helps us take a look at who we are and notice our patterns…. emotional patterns, physical patterns, and linguistic patterns. It helps us sustain the change we want to create.


    We use the knowledge of neuroscience to coach leaders how to operate at the advanced regions of their brain instead of the lower primitive regions. We help people reduce their mental burnout, feelings of desperation, and unfulfillment.

    We can only reach our full potential by:
    • Understanding our brain
    • Managing brain emotions
    • Activating our peak mental potential
    • Increasing insights and enhancing creativity
    • Leading self, first… others will follow.


    Meet Maria Marc

    I am a Change Facilitator at heart as I have risen from the shores of uncertainty many times. My journey into people development started when I was 26 and became a manager for the first time. I had no-one to guide me and as a result I made many mistakes. That’s when I heard the term ‘coaching’ for the first time and explored it for 15 years, before I decided to become a coach myself.


    My hunger for growth and learning helped me navigate different leadership roles in Marketing, Client Services, Operations, Training and Continuous Improvement. My coaching journey started in 2015 when I began the certification process.


    Some of my credentials are: Certified Human Capital Coach, Certified Career Transition Coach, Certified Facilitator, Certified Organizational Culture Consultant, Neuroscience Coaching Certification (in progress), Developmental Coaching Certification (in progress), Master of Arts, Leading Change & Innovation, Postgraduate Degree in Business Administration.


    I support leaders and teams navigate uncertainty caused by increasing complexity, accelerated change, and systemic shocks. I help organizations generate sustainable performance and productivity improvements in times of rapid change.

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